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Single Point Registration Scheme

The Micro and Small (Manufacturing and Service Industries) units registered under Single Point Registration Schemes (SPRS) with NSIC get following benefits as per public procurement policy 2012

  • Issue of the Tender Sets free of Cost:
  • Exemption from Payment of earnest Money Deposit (EMD),
  • In Participating Micro & Small Enterprises quoting price within Price band of L1+15 percent shall also be allowed to supply a portion of requirement by bringing down their price to L1 Price in a situation where L1 Price is from someone other than a Micro & Small Enterprises and such Micro & Small Enterprises shall be allowed to supply up to 20 Percent of the total tendered value.
  • Every Central Ministries / Departments / PSUs shall set an annual goal of minimum 20percent of the total annual purchases of the products or services produced or tendered by MSEs. Out of annual requirement of 20% procurement from MSEs, 4% is earmarked for units owned by Schedule Caste/ Schedule Tribes (as per PPP Order dated 26.03.2012 overall procurement goal mandatory w.e.f. 01.04.2015).
  • In addition of the above, 358 items are also reserved for exclusive purchase from MSEs.

Maharashtra State Government has notified the purchase rule dated 01.12.2016 to avail the following benefit by MSEs registered with NSIC.

  • Tender sets free of cost and EMD exempted.
  • 241 items are reserved exclusively for MSEs. Against 241 items, 20% purchase is to be made compulsorily from MSE units belonging to SC/ST entrepreneurs.
  • To purchase non reserved items, 20% are reserved to be procured from MSEs and out of 20%, 4% goods to be procured exclusively from the SC ST MSEs.

Raw Material Assistance Scheme

NSIC facilitates credit to MSMEs for their Raw Material requirement for procurement of raw materials.

MSMEs stand to benefit additional fund leverage under the Raw Material Assistance Scheme of NSIC against Bank Guarantee along with assured supply of raw material from leading raw material producers.

Rate of Interest P.A. @ 9.50% P.A. Micro Industries.
@ 10.00% P.A. Small Industries.
@ 11.00% P.A. Medium Industries.
Processing fee @ 1% P.A.

Raw Material Distribution Scheme

NSIC has signed agreements / MoUs with the major bulk producers (Aluminium, Iron Steel, Paraffin Wax, Coal and Polymer products etc.) These arrangements facilitate MSMEs in getting material at the manufacturer’s price, leading to reduction in the cost of raw materials and making the end products of MSMEs competitive. The credit support is also available for procurement of raw material(s) at competitive rates.

Consortia and Tender Marketing

Small Enterprises in their individual capacity face problems to procure & execute large orders, which deny them a level playing field vis-a'-vis large enterprises. NSIC forms consortia of Micro and Small units manufacturing the same product, thereby pooling in their capacity. NSIC applies the tenders on behalf of single MSE/Consortia of MSEs for securing orders for them. These orders are then distributed amongst MSEs in tune with their production capacity.

Credit Facilitation Through Bank

To meet the credit requirements of MSME units NSIC has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with various Nationalized and Private Sector Banks. Through syndication with these banks, NSIC facilitates MSME in accessing credit support (fund based or non-fund based limits) from the banks. NSIC assists MSMEs in completion of the documentation for submitting the proposals to the banks and also does the follow up with the banks. These handholding support are provided by NSIC without any cost to the MSMEs

MSME Global Mart B2B Web Portal for MSMEs

With increase in competition and melting away of international boundaries, the demand for information is reaching new heights. NSIC, realizing the needs of MSMEs, is offering Infomediary Services which is a one-stop, one-window bouquet of aids that will provide information on business & technology and also exhibit the core competence of Indian MSMEs. B2B Web portal is offering following benefits to the members of Infomediary Services.

  • Interactive database of MSMEs
  • Self web development tool
  • National Tenders on email
  • Centralized mail system
  • Popular Products Section
  • Unlimited global Trade Leads
  • Trust Seal of NSIC
  • MSME Web Store
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Discussion Board
  • Call Centre Support & Live Chat
  • Other Value added Services
  • Payment Gateway for membership subscription

Exhibitions and Technology Fairs

To showcase the competencies of Indian SSIs and to capture market opportunities, NSIC participates in select International and National Exhibitions and Trade Fairs every year. NSIC facilitates the participation of the small enterprises by providing concessions in rental etc. Participation in these events exposes SSI units to international practices and enhances their business prowess.

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Buyer-Seller meets

Bulk and departmental buyers such as the Railways, Defence, Communication departments and large companies are invited to participate in buyer-seller meets to enrich small enterprises knowledge regarding terms and conditions, quality standards, etc. required by the buyer. These programmes are aimed at vendor development from MSMEs for the bulk manufacturers.

National Scheduled Caste - Scheduled Tribe Hub

Scheme Implemented by the Ministry of MSME through National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC)


Facilitate SC/ST entrepreneurs in achieving 4% procurement mandate of CPSEs/Central Government Depts. as per Public Procurement Policy 2012. Impart applicable industry best practices Leverage the Stand- up India initiative for encouraging new SC/ST entrepreneurs

Special Subsidy to the SC-ST Entrepreneurs under following three schemes :-

  • Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS) : 100% Subsidy SC-ST Applicant unit has to pay only Rs.100 plus ST
  • Special Marketing Assistance Scheme (SMAS) : 100% subsidy (subject to Max. cap) for participation / visit in 2 International Fairs and 4 Domestic fairs in a financial year
  • Performance and Credit Rating Scheme (PCRS) : 90% subsidy on rating fee (subject to max. cap)

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