Global Product Market

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Select your country or a product to find out statistics of a particular product or a country.


Global Product Market provides users with indicators on country or product performance, demand, alternative markets and the role of competitors. It presents information in both tables, charts and maps, and allows queries based on product, group of products, country and regional country groupings for exports or imports.

Global Product Market features include:

  • Analysis of present export markets: Examine the profile and dynamics of export markets for any product, assess the value, size and concentration of exports and highlight countries where market shares have increased.
  • Pre-selection of priority markets: View the world’s major importing countries, illustrate the extent of import concentration and in which countries demand has increased over the past five years.
  • Overview of competitors in global and specific markets: Identify the leading exporting countries for a given product, highlight a country’s position in world exports or in the imports of partner and neighboring countries.
  • Review of opportunities for product diversification in a specific market: Make a comparative assessment of import demand for related products in an export market, identify imports of similar products and possible synergies.
  • Identification of existing and potential bilateral trade with any partner country: Identify product-specific opportunities by comparing actual bilateral trade, the total import demand of partner countries and the overall export supply capacity of the home country.
  • Information on tariffs: View information on tariff equivalent ad valorem faced by countries in their exportations or applied by importing countries.

Select your country or a product to find out statistics of a particular product or a country.