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ECGC conducts a comprehensive review of the countries covered by them, based on an internal country risk methodology that has been put in place. This methodology aims at evaluating the country not only on the prevalent economic and political settings, but also on the correct developments that would have an impact on the future, with an increase in horizon of 12 months, as well as forecast based on the strength and weakness of the country in terms of its economic and political strength.

Broad Categories

Countries in Open Cover

  • Cover with No Restrictions
  • Cover is offered usually on normal terms and conditions i.e. 90% cover, 4 months waiting period for ascertainment of loss and settlement of claims, etc.

Countries in Restricted Cover

  • Usually those countries where the political and/or economic conditions are relatively deteriorating or have deteriorated and likelihood of payment delays or non-payment are imminent or have occurred
  • Permits selection of risks ECGC wishes to underwrite
  • Divided into 2 Categories
    • Category 1: Countries for which revolving limits are approved normally valid for one year
    • Category 2: Countries where Specific Approval will be given on case to case basis on merits

The ECGC Risk categorisation with its equivalent symbols is given in below table.

A1 Insignificant Risk
A2 Low Risk
B1 Moderately Low Risk
B2 Moderate Risk
C1 Moderately High Risk
C2 High Risk
D Very High Risk

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